Legal Clinic LLC – Legal Clinic LLC – Legal Clinic is a niche, conflict-free Singapore dispute resolution practice that produces high quality work and delivers results in a cost effective way, leveraging on the strengths of its experienced Directors, Ms.

Appellate Practice

We advise on the merits of an appeal, recommend the strategy to be adopted and appear in court as counsel.​​

Why engage an appellate specialist?
​An appellate specialist brings detached, critical analysis to a concluded first instance case and helps identify, preserve and protect issues necessary to prevail on appeal. Our lawyers have experience in:​

  • Challenging or supporting the application of precedents and statutory provisions to facts; 
  • Legal research and written advocacy to persuade the re-examination of an existing decision and in anticipating how an appellate court may react to a challenge to the reasoning in existing decisions; and 
  • Navigating the rules and procedure governing appeals.
Civil Litigation
  • ​We represent clients at all stages of the dispute resolution process in civil commercial matters including tortious, contractual, banking and financial services disputes.
  • We also have a wealth of experience in public law litigation, most notably in disciplinary proceedings and judicial review cases. Our broad based private practice and public sector experience enables us to offer unique perspectives when representing a client, whether public sector or commercial.
Criminal Defence

Drawing on our experience in both a judicial and prosecutorial capacity, we advise and represent clients in the full myriad of Penal Code, narcotics related, corruption and white collar crime investigations and criminal proceedings.

Healthcare Law

We have extensive experience advising and representing hospitals, professional bodies and healthcare professionals in coroner’s inquiries, malpractice litigation and disciplinary proceedings. We also assist our clients in their risk management activities, advising them on their internal protocols and consent documentation.

Fraud Investigation

We counsel clients and assist in investigations, leveraging on our unique combination of relevant experience:
  • As legal advisors to forensic accountants in high profile investigations; 
  • As former enforcement regulator; and 
  • As former deputy public prosecutor.​
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